7th Grade Core Classes

This course is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards for Mathematics incorporating Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors to prepare students for the PSSA Exam.

7th Grade Math focuses on four critical areas:  (1) developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships; (2) developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations; (3) solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, and working with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume; and (4) drawing inferences about populations based on samples.

The seventh grade science curriculum, aligned with state standards, is designed to provide students with a “hands on” approach, while fostering a scientific community through cooperative learning groups. Students will be involved in inquiry-based science, which will strengthen and reinforce student’s problem solving skills. The major units of study are:

  • Cells
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Ecology